Your Golden Gateway to European Residency and Access to 27 European Countries

Be privileged to live, work and study in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain and many more with your family.

The ‘Portugal Golden Visa’ is a 5-year residency-by-investment program that leads to both permanent residency and citizenship. Although it sounds too good to be true, this program is indeed one that has minimal requirements with maximal benefits. Just by investing in real estate with a minimum investment of EU280,000, you will be given the opportunity to be a Permanent Resident after 5 years.

The requirements to a smooth journey to permanent residency aren’t excessive at all. Upon obtaining the ‘Golden Visa’, you will only have to maintain the investment for 5 years while spending 7 days in Portugal for the first year, and not less than 14-days in each subsequent 2-year period. At the same time, you will be given access to 27 nations in the EU and visa-free travel to 183 nations. After 5 years, you would then be qualified for a European passport!

As simple as it is, this is the easiest most attractive pathway to European residency. Furthermore, the benefits do not end here. When applying, you can include your family members in your application, giving them the same benefits and freedom that you will be entitled to. In this context, family members are inclusive of spouse or legal partner, dependent children without age limit, parents of either spouse over 66 years of age, and siblings of either spouse under the age of 18.

With this, your family will be given the privilege of receiving amazing residential benefits, including access to all public services (such as state medical care and schooling) while having the right to work and set up a business in Portugal. If you have children applying with you, they too will have free circulation in Europe’s Schengen Area, which means that they can freely choose from 27 countries such as Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and many more to study in.

After receiving permanent residency, you will then be given the choice to apply for Portuguese citizenship in 6 years. When either of these 2 are obtained, you will be free to dispose of your investments, as further ‘Golden Visa’ renewals will not be necessary. As such, your rights and privileges will still be maintained, with no requirements and restrictions to stick by, allowing you to freely enjoy your new journey in life as a European citizen.

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