Why Perth 2020 Is A Perfect Storm For Off The Plan Buyers

Buying off the plan can be fraught with danger if you get the timing wrong.

You see the benefit of buying this way is to use the market cycles to your own advantage. If you understand them then you can do extremely well with this way of purchasing.

If you don’t understand the property market cycles, then you can literally cook yourself in your own juices with worry as you realise you’ve got your timing completely wrong.

So, how can you ensure you aren’t going to have a disaster tale to tell when you finally settle on your off the plan purchase?

The first thing to do is ask yourself, are we getting anywhere near the top of our market – the Perth market that is. If property has been growing strongly for anything from 4-5 year’s then you know the market is getting at or near its peak.

Everyone knows unless you’ve been living in a cave that the Perth market has been in the doldrums for some years now. In fact, Perth hasn’t seen a major property growth cycle since 2006/2007 when the last major property growth cycle ended.

Given all of that you can rest pretty easy knowing you aren’t doing something crazy at the exact wrong time of the market.

Buying off the plan really requires that you buy in a market that is showing good value now with growth prospects during the period you’re waiting for settlement. This is generally anything up to two years or so.

This can really pay off handsomely if you time it right. And this is why we’re pretty excited about where we’re at right now.

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