United States of America (USA) Migration

You can obtain a US Green Card by funding a government approved project with investments under the EB-5 program without having to manage the investment yourself. With an American Green Card, you will have the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the USA while enjoying benefits like healthcare and education.

How Does Eb-5 Work


Invest $900,000

Choose an EB-5 project and invest $900,000 in a government approved regional center. Your investment will be repaid in interest.


Receive Green Card

Receive your conditional green card in as little as 20-24 months, move to the U.S. with your eligible family members


Receive Permanent Residency & Repayment of Investment

After USCIS and Project requirements have been satisfied, the investor should anticipate Permanent U.S. Residency for the investor and their eligible family and ultimately the repayment of their $900,000 investment.

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