Top Countries for Investment: Portugal, Australia, America and New Zealand

As global markets have been in a decline during the pandemic, many have been gearing up for recovery. With this, investors are looking at places that have the potential to thrive and to trust their money in, leading to the real estate market of certain countries. Other than their investment values, another rising benefit of investing into said countries is the migrating options that they provide. Topping the chart of cities that are anticipated to be best-performing and agile (according to Knight Frank Asia Pacific) are: Lisbon, Portugal; Sydney, Australia; New York, USA; and Auckland, New Zealand.


Portugal is one of the best places in Europe for investment and development prospects due to its solid economic fundaments, affordable prices, low cost of living and improving transport connections. Furthermore, since the introduction of the Golden Visa Program in 2012, thousands of applicants have taken advantage of the opportunity to invest in property in order to apply for the scheme. This also offers the pathway to European citizenship and access to 26 European countries.


One of the first countries to introduce accelerated depreciation as part of its pandemic response to spur investment is Australia. With this method of increasing the present value of depreciation deductions and improving the after-tax return on investment, tax costs on investments are reduced, providing an incentive to businesses to invest. Also, another reason why people would invest in Australia is that the country offers a migration pathway through investment. This offer encourages more people to invest as the investment could lead to a better future for themselves and their families by giving them a new residential option.

The United States of America

Even though America is facing many significant changes, it still has many important advantages in its business culture that is worth investing in. The ‘Land of Opportunity’ not only provides an optimal environment and abundance of resources for its citizens to run businesses, it also offers foreign investors a chance to be a part of this American Dream through the migration option of EB-5. By investing in a suitable business project in America, one can opt for a two-year conditional permanent residency that leads to an unconditional PR.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been on the investment radar of investors from various countries due to its thriving but stable business environment. Of course, it also has a migration pathway for those who contribute towards the country’s economy by the Investor Visa. With New Zealand’s unmatched quality of life, favored investment destinations, and amazing governance, which can be seen through its well-controlled battle with the pandemic, the country has shown its true beauty and is attracting many high-profiled eyes towards it.

Amongst multiple countries in the world, Portugal, Australia, the USA, and New Zealand are the top countries for investment. Not only do they have the best investment choices, but they also provide even more benefits that comes with investment, and that is a pathway to permanent residency.

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