Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The United States Of America

Why should you consider investing in the United States of America?


There are tons of reasons why investors have been choosing the USA as part of their investment plan. Here are the top 3 that have been capturing their interest.


 🇺🇸 World’s largest market 🇺🇸


According to the International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, US is the largest consumer market on earth where its GDP is 20 trillion with over 325 million consumers. With the highest household spending in the world, it covers almost a third of the global household consumption. Hundreds of millions of consumers are also accessible by the free trade agreements that the US have with over 20 countries.


🇺🇸 Ease of doing business 🇺🇸


The regulatory environment makes the US a conducive place to start and operate business. Its business culture encourages free enterprise and competition. Its legal system is predictable and transparent thanks to its stable democracy system. Since the nation’s founding, the foreign direct investment has been central to the US economy.


During Ronald Reagan presidency in 1983, he issued the “Statement on International Investment Policy,” that states that international investment is “a vital and necessary ingredient in a stable, growing world economy.”. The openness was then passed over to the following president ever since. Hence, resulting in non-discriminatory treatment towards foreign investor in almost all sectors and compete evenly in the US.


🇺🇸 Talented and diverse workforce 🇺🇸


It can’t be denied that the US workforce is diverse and skilled. According to OECD, US workers are among the most productive in the world with output per hour more than 30 percent above the member country average. The US has also initiated collaborative mechanisms with organizations to ensure that the needs of the 21st century economy is fulfilled.


As mentioned above, the regulatory environment in the US is able to provide a safe and fair working environment for the US workforce. The helpfulness and willingness of the state and local government towards the companies enable companies to better understand the stated regulations.


The federal resource is accessible by the companies where they introduce “first step employment law advisor” where the employers are able to determine which major federal employment laws that are administered by the Department of Labor will apply to their businesses and how they can comply with the regulations.


As for the state resources, the government has introduced the U.S. DOL Wage and Labor Division (WHD, where it promotes and establishes compliance and rules to protect the welfare and standard of the workforce throughout the country. The US government also encourages workforce development by enabling the workforce towards free K-12 education programs and through vocational training.


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