Preparing for a new journey in life

How do you prepare as you are getting ready to migrate? Here are some handy tips before you board the plane…

Preparing for a migration to another country can be both exciting and full of concerns. There are many things to consider; from budgeting, apply for jobs or setting up business, insurance, enrolment in education for those migrating with children, to knowing what to pack. It may all seem a bit intimidating but here is a breakdown of all you need to assist you in your preparation.

Get advice

Discuss migrating and seek advice from family, friends, and even from professionals. It is an important decision in your life and you would want to make sure that you are making the right choice. You might be stuck in your spiral of thoughts and considerations, so why not have someone to help you have a clearer mind? There’s no harm in asking.

Research living options

Figure out the best places to live in and the types of job opportunities that are available in that area. This will be the place where you will be settling down. Make sure that it is the place that meets your expectations so that you will have a comfortable stay.

Research work options

Some of you might be looking for work opportunities in your country of migration while others might already have a business and is looking for the perfect place to build that business. Research on available jobs that compliment your area of expertise and ensure that it is in prime location where it is convenient for you to travel to and from work. This also applies to those opening up their own business, with an addition to research on whether the location is right for your business.

Update your resume

Ensure that your CV is up-to-date with your latest experience, qualification and references for when you apply for appropriate employment opportunities.

Get an agent

Find a migration agent that really knows their stuff and can give you appropriate guides to your application for visa. Together with them, find the visa that is most suitable for you based on your intentions and qualifications. Once you have figured out the visa for you, go through the application process.

Budget for the move and open a bank account

Figure out what you will need to purchase when you get there. Opening a bank account in your destination country can save you a lot from exchange rates and charges for transaction.

Organize health insurance

It is crucial to get insurance when you are moving to a new place in case something happens to you or your belongings. Look around to find the best deals and check out for the best insurance companies to find out what kind of health insurance you need.

Enroll in education

If you have children, enroll them in schools. Research institutions that best suit your children so that they can familiarize with the culture and get to settle in better with friends.

Consider your lifestyle

Think about where you are headed and what kind of lifestyle you might be leading there to plan what you will be packing. Also consider what the local community might be like and bring clothing that adhere to societal expectations.

Take a piece of home with you

One of the best ways to settle into a new place is to take a piece of home with you. Pack some of your favorite things or objects that represent your hometown to let you feel at home in your new abode.


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