Portugal Golden Visa – One of the best investment for res-idency program nominated by Forbes

Portugal Golden Visa – One of the best investment for residency program nominated by Forbes

Portugal is part of the European Union, the Euro Zone and the Schengen area. With a stable political and social environment, a secure society, a highly skilled and English fluent labour force and an excellent quality of life, Portugal offers a favourable investment climate.

The government provides none EU citizen with an attractive and regulated program called Portugal Golden Visa for them to invest and gain a residency.

This program has successfully helped more than 10 thousand families gaining their residency in Portugal and citizenship after 5 years.

The Portugal citizenship open up the opportunity for your family to live, work and study as an EU citizenship among other 26 countries within Schengen areas.

Why this program is nominated as the best investment for residency program nominated by Forbes? Here are the attractiveness of the program (among others)

  • A fantastic program to become an EU Member – Offers you right to live & work in all 27 countries of the EU with Portugal citizenship;
  • Minimum residency if you are not ready for permanent move ;
  • Able to include your spouse, children, parents/in-law under the same application;
  • Visa free travel to more than 180 countries;
  • Local Resident benefits with free access to healthcare & education in any 27 EU countries;
  • Ease to obtain an EU passport. 5 years to citizenship;
  • Low investment thresholds from €280 thousand;
  • Real estate investment allowed; provides you rental income and potential capital gains Favorable Tax Scheme

Who May Apply?

  • Any non EU citizen qualifies.

You have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Make an investment within the acceptable investment options Have no history of criminal records
  • Own the money you seek to invest
  • Commit to maintaining the investment for at least five years

The Portugal Golden Visa Residence Programme is subjected to the following conditions:

  • Maintain the investment for a minimum period of 5 years ;
  • Ensure funds for the investment come from abroad;
    No breaches or reference in the Portuguese immigration and the Schengen services;
  • Absence of conviction of crime both in Portugal and home country; Minimum stay of: 14 days for first two years, another 14 days for third and forth years, and 7 days for the fifth year.

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