New Zealand Entrepreneur Migration

New Zealand welcomes migrants who can demonstrate they will be actively contributing in the start of a business and New Zealand’s economic development.

To be eligible you must:

Have successfully established a business in New Zealand that is benefiting New Zealand

Be healthy and of good character

Meet the minimum standard of English

Not applied for or been granted social welfare benefits in New Zealand

Business Criteria- Successful Establishment

You have successfully established a business or made a substantial investment (a minimum of 25% of the shareholding of a business) in a business operating in New Zealand

The business has been established for the last two years

You have been lawfully working in New Zealand in that business for at least two years

Business Criteria- Beneficial to New Zealand

Your business must be benefiting New Zealand’s economy by either introducing new or improving existing technology or technical skills.

Introducing new or enhancing products, services or export markets.

Creating new job opportunities or revitalizing an existing business

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