New Zealand Migration

Business and investor visas allow people who can contribute to New Zealand’s economy to live in New Zealand. You can do this by investing in New Zealand business or government, or if you have the right business experience, by buying or setting-up your own business in New Zealand (NZ).

Type of New Zealand Migration

Entrepreneur Migration

This visa is for people who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. To apply, you’ll need to provide a detailed business plan, have at least NZ $100,000 to invest in your business and be able to claim 120 points on our points scale.

Entrepreneur Plus Visa

This visa provides a faster path to residency for migrants who have been actively contributing to New Zealand’s economic growth and development. Unlike other business visas, this one has no minimum business operational time requirement.

Migrant Investor Visa

This visa is designed to attract financial capital into New Zealand by providing residency to applicants who want to make a significant financial contribution to the New Zealand economy.