Europe’s best kept secret for investment and residency – Portugal

Europe’s best kept secret for investment and residency – Portugal

Portugal is part of the European Union, the Eurozone and the Schengen area. With a stable political and social environment, a secure society, a highly skilled and fluent English speaking workforce and an excellent quality of life, Portugal offers a favourable investment climate.

The country is investing in becoming a first-class tourism and real estate location, as well as one of the leading EU countries for research and development and new technologies.

Portugal provides an excellent quality of life for the modern investor or businessman. The tax regime for individuals is very attractive, surpassing other regimes in many ways.

It is not surprising that Portugal is becoming the first choice for ultra and high net worth individuals looking to settle in the European Union.

Due to its traditional liberalism and multicultural approach, Portugal maintains very close relations with the rest of the world, including Africa (Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde), Asia (China, including Macao) and South America (Brazil).

The Portuguese tax system offers interesting opportunities in terms of wealth, gift and inheritance taxes, as well as business and rental income, capital gains, dividends, interest and pensions. High net worth individuals and their families, with or without Portuguese citizenship, should take a close look at what Portugal has to offer for planning their income and wealth, as well as successfully passing it on to the next generation.

The low effective tax burden, further enhanced by the regime for non habitual residents, the free remittance of funds, the friendly residence permit regime (allowing for free movement within the Schengen zone) and the option to apply for Portuguese nationality and, consequently, a EU passport, make Portugal a very attractive location.

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