Australia Business Migration

The Australian government welcomes business owners to set up businesses in Australia.

Invest as low as AUD 200,000 in business and obtain full Australian Permanent Residency. This pathway is great for existing business owners who want to settle down in Australia with their families. Australia is a land of opportunity and there is no limit to your success as a business owner.

Minimum Criteria:

Your business has been in operation for 2 years or more

You and your spouse own 30% share of the business

Your business has an annual turnover of AUD 500,000

Your business and personal net assets is AUD 800,000 or more

Businesses our clients are involved in across Australia

Second hand car dealerships in Western Australia

Nail Spa business in Victoria

Retail business across Australia

F&B business in NSW, Victoria

Export of wines from South Australia & Victoria

Pet grooming business in Victoria

Our Australia Client Testimonial

Malaysian Mother Creates Better Future For Her Children In Australia

Cecillia Cheah, a Malaysian national, was tired of working long and hard hours at the family’s company in Malaysia. She didn’t have time to spend with her three children. In 2015, she decided to do something about it. She decided to seek a better life by migrating to Australia and be able to spend more time with her children and give them a better future…

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